How to Book:

Please contact us via email letting us know you are interested! Make sure to include 3-5 possible available dates of interest, a number of levels, and a rough number of students you are planning to attend. Some studios require mandatory attendance from their company members, but that is up to you!


Training Day, an extension of Tap Into the Network, is a one-day intensive experience. We’re inviting you to a non-competitive, fun and challenging learning environment full of various styles of tap. Each event is customized and uniquely scheduled for the host studio’s requests. Training Day is an amazing opportunity to introduce your students to the TITN faculty or to continue a high level of training at affordable pricing. Students and Teachers are welcome!

We created a brand new registration process, which includes online group registrations and online payments. To celebrate the launch of Training Day, we are offering a host studio loyalty bonus program. Make sure to enquire about our Loyalty Bonus and Discounted Rates!


- All expenses including flight, hotel, rental car, meals, and faculty salary are built into registration fees - so you don’t need to worry about any of that!

- A minimum of 40 students total is required to hold a Training Day event. Many host studios open their events to the public to meet the minimums.

- One room for each level is needed. For example, if you request two levels, we would need two rooms to run simultaneously. 


- Once we hit our minimum numbers, any of your teachers (host studio teachers only) can attend for FREE.


- Once we are confirmed, you will receive a media marketing packet including branded images, event links, flyers and more.