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Taylor Nunemaker


Taylor Nunemaker brings over nine years of experience in the dance industry, excelling as a professional tap dancer, competition adjudicator, and international master teacher. Her journey began in Los Angeles in 2012, where she underwent extensive training in tap, contemporary, jazz funk, and hip hop at prestigious institutions like Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio, Edge PAC, and Millennium Dance Complex. Taylor's commitment to her craft led her to collaborate with esteemed figures in the dance world, including Bill Bohl, Dana Wilson, Ryan Lohoff, David Moore, Angie Carter, Nico O'Connor, and Gregg Russell, honing her skills both on and off the stage.

As a professional tap dancer represented by The Movement Talent Agency in NYC, Taylor has showcased her talent with renowned tap companies such as Tap Sounds Underground (led by Gregg Russell) and Rithem Dance Company (under Ryan Lohoff's direction), captivating audiences nationwide. Beyond her performances, Taylor has become a sought-after competition judge and master teacher, sharing her expertise with dancers worldwide through organizations like Impact Dance Adjudicators, Sheer International Competition, and Tap Into The Network.

In addition to her dance career, Taylor has demonstrated her versatility and proficiency in dance administration, event management, and customer service roles. From her current position as Assistant Events Manager at FORWARD Space, where she handles client communication and event assistance, to her past roles as Event Supervisor at Revel Dance Convention and Assistant Manager at Hollywood Connection Dance, Taylor has consistently showcased her knack for client relations, multitasking, and efficiency.

Taylor's dedication to the dance industry extends beyond her individual pursuits; she is driven by a passion to cultivate a love for tap dance and to showcase it in a unique light. Her multifaceted expertise, coupled with her unwavering commitment to excellence, makes Taylor Nunemaker a dynamic force in the world of dance.

Taylor Nunemaker
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