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Ryan Lohoff

Co-Owner/Director & Faculty

Ryan Lohoff, a Southern California native, now resides in the state of Colorado. His multifaceted career continues to thrive, blending artistic excellence, business ingenuity, and a passion for elevating the world of dance and entertainment.

Dance and Choreography:

Ryan’s journey as a dancer and choreographer has left an indelible mark. He has choreographed for notable television shows, including NBC’s “World of Dance” and Paula Abdul’s “Live to Dance” on CBS. Ryan’s industry credits include FOX’s “30 Seconds to Fame” and “Mobbed” as well as industrials for both Adidas and Nike. His tap sounds are featured in Disney’s “The Princess And The Frog” and were used for the “Fame” (2009) demo movie soundtrack.

Business Ownership and Leadership:

Ryan co-founded Tap Into The Network (TITN) with Angela Carter and has been an Artistic Director since 2007. TITN provides intensive tap dance experiences, and Ryan’s leadership has been instrumental in its success. He is also the founder, choreographer, and director of Rithem Dance Company, a professional tap dance company where he further expands his talents by directing and creating tap choreography for film.

Education and Entrepreneurship:

Ryan holds a B.S. in Visual Communications from Westwood College of Technology. As the CEO and creator of Neo Rythmo, Inc., a designer tap manufacturing company, Ryan has designed and produced the world’s FIRST & ONLY color taps, including the sleek, matte black ProTones and the vibrant Melodies. He has also produced instructional videos and designed Choreo Cards, an in-classroom game/choreography tool.

Teaching and Global Impact:

Ryan’s teaching expertise spans 30 years, and he has taught dance across the USA, Canada, Australia, and South America. He is currently on tour with Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention as the primary tap faculty for over 10 years. His contributions to the dance community have not gone unnoticed; he was nominated for Industry Dance Awards’ “Favorite Convention Teacher”.

Artistic Creation and Direction:

Ryan has directed TITN On-Tour Intensives along with Angela Carter, creating and producing expansive experiences for tap dancers. Their greatest addition to the company in recent years has been creating a pre-professional Apprentice Program and Youth Tap Company. With these programs, they dive deeper into mentoring and guiding the up and coming generations of tap dancers. Ryan’s professional journey reflects a blend of creativity, leadership, and entrepreneurship that continues to influence the dance and entertainment landscape globally.

In summary, Ryan Lohoff’s career embodies a passion for elevating the world of dance and entertainment. His impact resonates across stages, classrooms, and creative endeavors worldwide.

Ryan Lohoff
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