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Jensen Freedman


Jensen Freedman, a dynamic force in the world of dance, brings a diverse range of talents to the stage. From orchestrating captivating performances as a Show Director and instilling the love of tap at the esteemed Joffrey Ballet School to making a difference in underprivileged communities as a Tap Instructor with the non-profit organization "Keane Sense of Rhythm" in St. Paul, Minnesota, Jensen's impact resonates far and wide.

With a rich background as an Assistant Choreographer for "Rithem Dance Company" and a Company Dancer for "Tap Sounds Underground," Jensen's artistic journey is marked by creativity and unwavering dedication.

Beyond the spotlight, Jensen serves as a discerning Judge with DX Events, shaping the future of dance with expertise and insight.

A committed educator, Jensen shares his passion for tap dance through guest teaching engagements at USC Trojan Tap Troupe and University of Minnesota, Morris, fostering the growth of aspiring dancers.

Looking ahead, Jensen's ambitious five-year plan includes expanding his role as a Show Director, exploring teaching opportunities abroad, and crafting a personal repertoire poised for electrifying live performances, ensuring his legacy as a trailblazer in the tap dance community.

Jensen Freedman
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