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Damon Keller


Damon Keller is a luminary figure in the realm of dance and choreography, known for his innovative approach, unwavering passion, and boundless creativity. His journey into performance began with notable roles in film, including appearances in "Extraordinary Measures" and "Men of Honor," showcasing his versatility and magnetic presence on screen. Damon's talent extends beyond film, as seen in his seamless embodiment of characters for brands like Nutri System, Ivan Brothers, and Fred Meyer in commercials.

On stage, Damon's choreography captivates audiences, serving as the Lead Dance Director for the Northstar Native American Dance Company and co-choreographing productions like "The Wiz." His expertise and passion for dance have earned him reverence as a teacher and adjudicator for esteemed events such as Jr. Star Dance Cup and Urban Jamm Dance Convention, where he nurtures the talents of aspiring dancers.

Damon's collaborative spirit has seen him choreographing for iconic brands like Nike and Columbia Sportswear, infusing their campaigns with his signature style and flair. His groundbreaking choreography for the Red Bull Halftime Show with Super Cr3w and performances alongside recording artists like Jay Sean have solidified his reputation as a visionary in the world of dance.

Through his dynamic performances, groundbreaking choreography, and unwavering commitment to the craft, Damon Keller continues to redefine the boundaries of movement and inspire generations of dancers to follow their passion with unbridled fervor.

Damon Keller
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