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Bruce DeMorrow


Bruce DeMorrow is not just an educator and choreographer; he's a passionate devotee of dance and music, with a journey that blossomed at the Woodbury Dance Center in Minnesota. There, he immersed himself in various dance styles, but it was under the guidance of Keane Sense of Rhythm, a prominent tap community in the Twin Cities, where he discovered his love for tap dance.

As he flourished within the vibrant dance scene of the Twin Cities, Bruce had the privilege of collaborating with renowned choreographers such as Sarah Reich, Nico Rubio, Max Pollak, and Gregg Russell. His performances have graced stages hosted by acclaimed companies like Rhythmic Circus, Rhythm Street Movement, 333, KSR, Buckets and Tap Shoes, and Kaleena Miller Dance. Notably, Bruce showcased his talent on an international platform at the Beijing International Dance Festival as part of JUBA! Masters of American Tap and Percussive Dance.

Currently, Bruce enriches the next generation of dancers as a faculty member at the Saint Paul Conservatory of Performing Arts High School in Minnesota, where he instills his passion for tap dance in eager students, nurturing the art form's legacy with every step.

Bruce DeMorrow
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